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Оur team:
We choose only the best experts! All our masters have confirmation certificate "Thai Traditional Medical Services Society" and officially legalized Russian Embassy in Thailand.

Thai massage in St. Petersburg: ancient secrets of beauty and health.

Nowadays sometimes a healthy lifestyle can be absolutely unbearable. A successful person has no right to be ill, be tired or make an acid look while going to the gym after finishing a report and after three restless nights. But our organism is not grateful for tireless care and gives us headaches, back pain, colds and aggravation of chronic illnesses. Oriental medicine found the right way to health, beauty and active longevity long ago. Once you try Thai massage by a qualified master, good health comes back without your own efforts.

Thai massage in “Sen Sip” salon is health as a gift.

Exotic Thai massage in St. Petersburg is in demand indeed. And it’s clear: the bright oriental flavor satisfies people’s sensitive hunger, especially tired of gloomy fog above the Neva River. St. Petersburg’s inhabitants esteem professional Thai massage even more because not only their physical well-being is recovered then but also because their view of life becomes healthier. The club “Sen Sip” is one of a few salons in the Northern Capital which follow the traditional technique of the ancient art of healing. Our masters will relieve you from the destroying influence of repressed emotions by predicting every wish of your body. Those who are interested in a real Thai massage are very welcome at our salons on Mokhovaya street and Ligovskiy prospect.

How do we work?

By the therapists of “Sen Sip” the traditional Thai massage in St. Petersburg has got a great impulse of the “village” school which was founded in the North of Thailand influenced by folk medicine. All our therapists are certified graduates from the Institute of traditional medicine knowledge. When we offer a Thai massage in St. Petersburg we accommodate the interests and requirements of our clients as much as possible. Health-improving programs of our club combine ancient Oriental massage technique and spa treatments of the best European resorts. Modernized Thai massage for women implements effective methods of rejuvenation, modeling of the figure and cellulite control while men will enjoy a deep work with muscles. St. Petersburg gets luxury spa complex and Thai massage of high quality in the salon “Sen Sip” – the meeting place of East and West cannot be changed!