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Stone massage

Stone massage


Thai massage with warm stones, tea

90 min  5250₽

Massage Stones — an ambulance when back pain

Thai massage with hot stones is indispensable in the treatment of sciatica, lumbago, sciatica, and other radicular syndromes, pretty annoying Petersburgers in inclement weather. In contrast, manual therapy, massage stones does not cause pain and calms the nervous system, helping the patient to relax and enjoy the process.

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   For therapeutic massage best suited basalt having a high capacity and a good capacity for heat transfer. Application of heated stones on the problem areas relieves chronic spasms, while increasing circulation and trophism in the foci of chronic myositis, promoting tissue regeneration, and the speedy removal of products of the inflammatory response.
Massage with hot stones and cooling has strong support in the fight against the swelling and excess body weight. Fast vasoconstriction in contact with the cold marble improves lymphatic drainage and venous blood, resulting in skin tone and smoothes wrinkles.

Sessions stone therapy massage studio «Sen Sip» accompanied by exquisite Thai ceremonial. Leave complexes and neuroses of the threshold — we will make you feel special august!