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SPA programs

THAI DREAM THAI DREAM Peeling massage with a scrub of Your choice, Wrap with a mask of Your choice, Thaimassage with warm oil
120 min  5800₽
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SEN SIP GOLD SEN SIP GOLD Golden scrub, golden wrap, Thai Oil massage with a choice, and lifting facial massage
150 min 7800₽
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A TOUCH OF THE BUDDHA A TOUCH OF THE BUDDHA Peeling massage with a scrub of your choice, Spa facial, Head massage, Hot stone massage
180 min  7900₽
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VELVET THAILAND VELVET THAILAND Steam sauna with thai herbs, Scrub with a scrub of your choice, Thai oil massage with warm oil
100 min  5400₽
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   Wellness programs in the studio «Sen Sip» — the art of healthy leisure activities

   Western man, accustomed to live in constant tension, it is difficult to perceive the relaxing practice of the East. However, after a visit to the spa Thai massage shows its best side: warm up your muscles and joints are easily subject to the wizard without any problems to part with blocks.

  Thai spa — the threshold of nirvana

   The complex of luxury spa treatments at the massage studio «Sen Sip» became a natural complement to the eastern healing techniques. Recommended precede Thai massage spa treatments, dating back to the tradition of the kingdom of miracles — for example, a Thai herbal steam bath. Then applied to the skin mild exfoliating, cooking covers a massage manipulations. After this spa Thai massage turns into a kaleidoscope of exciting sensations. Even the power moves, including twisting and stretching, do not leave the place of pain and discomfort!

Wellness program for beautiful ladies

   In the life of the court beauties of ancient Siam was no less stress than in the everyday life of contemporary St. Petersburg office, but their fascination over the years, not faded — on Mount envious. Cozy Thai spa at the club «Sen Sip» Ligovsky moss and willingly indulges peterburzhenok secrets of youth and beauty of royal favorites:

— Express beauty treatments to refresh the face;

— Figure modeling — salt exfoliation, wraps, lymphatic drainage massage and a unique weight loss program;

— Restoring spa program for women elegant age — medicated bath, oil massage and rejuvenating facials and body;

— Aromatherapy with individual selection of fragrance.

We can also offer you a spa-author of the program for the rehabilitation of damaged hair. Vigorous massage of the head, neck and neck stimulates blood flow to the follicles, strengthens and improves the structure of the hair shaft.

Why you can trust us?

   Our Thai spa is still young, but already known in St. Petersburg. People turn to us the true connoisseurs of professional Thai massage and high-quality natural cosmetics. Masks are prepared separately for each client from hypoallergenic natural components of the requirements of Ayurveda.

A rare combination of heart atmofery and intriguing environment halls have rendered good service to the club: our Thai spa in St. Petersburg willingly rent for romantic dates, family and corporate rest.